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Bathroom Light Zones

What Light for My Bathroom - Bathroom Light Zones

When looking for bathroom lights there are a number of considerations apart from the style you wish to use.

Firstly you cannot use a portable light in the bathroom, so no table or floor lamps, for a general overall light use a ceiling light which will usually be flush mounted, ie fixed direct to the ceiling, this reduces any water ingress into the unit, or if you have the space a fixed pendant version will work. We do both using LED or standard bulbs.

You can also use spotlights if you require directional light or wall mounted bathroom lights for mood lighting.

With all bathroom lights, placement i.e. where in the bathroom you wish to install the light will determine the types available as the bathroom is split into zones. Lights are also rated by IP (Ingress Protection) and 2 numbers. (Basically the higher the number the more protected a fitting is)

Zone 0 - Inside a Bath or shower - only low voltage (12V) Total Immersion units.

Zone 1 - The area immediately surrounding the bath / shower to 2.25 m above the bath. Any lights in this zone must be IP55 or higher i.e spray proof.

Zone 2 - This area must have splash proof lights so IP44  or IP54 or higher.

Zone 3 - No IP requirement, but IP44 can be preferable as these are splash proof.

Ceilings - Unless the fitting is over a bath or shower and falls into Zones 1 or 2, a normal pendant will do, 

Switches should be pull cord from the ceiling or outside the room.