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Choosing Your Design Style

What Type Of Lighting Style Are You Looking For?

Copper & Brass Lighting

When you are setting about redesigning a room or even the whole house, start with the style you are trying to create. 

You do not have to stick rigidly to any one design either, pick the right pieces and you can marry contemporary and antique together quite easily and to good effect. A modern kitchen with Antique finished lights will enhance both aspects as they both have separate appeal.

Lets look at three design themes that might give you inspiration. They are Art Deco, Industrial and Nautical.

Art Deco interior designs are back

Since Art Deco interior designs are back in vogue the number of arts and design inspired decorative lights that owe their designs to the early 1900's to just after the second world war has increased giving you the chance to enjoy the designs from the period with their French and Moroccan influences. 

Choose Your Feature Light

Railway Style Holophane PendantFirst choose an Art Deco light that is used to complement the others. Either a simple but classic like a Holophane or Prismatic Pendant Light and then you can add in other lights such as table lamps later. Geometric patterns are of course the main element of the period, so use that type of fabric, in either recovering an existing piece of furniture or use a throw or blanket with that design to add the style.

Add Suitable Accessories

You don’t have to be an interior designer to recreate your theme, but use their ideas, highlight your recovered corner chair with a simple wall light, or by adding desk lights, table lamps or floor standing lamps, these will help you bring that ambience you always need. You can then add ornaments and other period pieces over time.


Industrial Style Pendants

Whether you have a want a modern or vintage approach, industrial lighting can add an edge to your home, no

 nonsense heavy duty designs that would not look out of place in a factory or warehouse. Open shades, often quite large in diameter in painted or raw metal, or pendant chandeliers with pipework or bars and exposed light fittings that suit Edison Squirrel cage bulbs, can all make your space have that industrial feel.

The design idea works well in the kitchen where you have a workplace feel already, particularly with stainless steel or granite elements, but if you have a loft or warehouse living room then that lends itself to rows of factory style pendants, again using edison style bulbs to create a moody atmosphere when you want to relax.

In such a large space the use of Cargo Lights can be used to highlight architectural features, artwork or furniture. 

In these large areas you can experiment a lot more, mixing differing styles without it looking fussy or over the top.

Seaside Nautical Charm

If you have a seaside retreat, own a boat or just fall in love with coastal cottage charm, then using a nautical theme as your design can be uplifting. Again start with the main lighting, often large pendants like the classic Fisherman's Pendant, in a colour or for a modern look in polished aluminium. Whilst if you are looking for old world nautical charm an antique brass or antique silvered fitting will set the scene.

nautical style lighting

Again you can then add wall lights to compliment, like ships bulkhead lights these are rugged and can be used indoors, even though they are generally made for outdoor use. Nautical doesn't have to be blue, so allow your design a little flexibility with colour. If you are using more antique looking pendant lights you can use brass either in antique form or polished as you prefer. Again adding accessories a little at a time so you do not overdose on the sailor idea!