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New Organic Ceramic Pendant Lights

New Organic Ceramic Pendant Lights

New Organic Ceramic Pendant Lights from Mullan Lighting

We are pleased to offer a new range of Lights from Mullan Lighting, made in Ireland by traditional craftspeople.

Mullan village in Ireland has long been a creative place, with potteries, design studios and of course the Lighting business that produces fabulous brass lights in a wide range of designs. The new range to come from that design studio is the 'Organic Ceramic' a collection of pendant lights produced in clay and mixed with other organic elements results in a collection of pendant lights with a truly organic and rustic theme. No two pieces are exactly the same, finished with brass fittings make these a truly desirable addition to your home.

Each ceramic light is made to order, moulded by hand and individually painted, creating one-of-a-kind product. Mullan's ceramicist briefly outlines the typical process involved in developing a ceramic product;

Hand made Ceramic Lights from Great Lighting"From the moment clay is taken from the bag it starts to dry and shrink. Timing is crucial. Some items can be made right away, others need to be left to dry until the clay is the perfect temperature. Trimming and cutting holes is better when the clay in harder, almost like leather.

Once the item is made, it is left to dry for one week. We use a traditional kiln oven to fire the products at over 1,000° degrees celsius. It is first

Kauri Blue Earth Ceramic Pendant Light

 fired, then more colour is added. At this stage the clay will glow red, yellow then white. The products are generally left for a day to cool and then they are complete".


Each light shaped has been designed with nature in mind and named accordingly, The Kauri for example, a tree from New Zealand with a crown shape, in black or red iron, the cracked marks across the dome represents the roots, whilst the blue version has a softer less rugged finish, hand painted in teal, a mix of light and dark blues gives the appearance of planet earth.

We hope you like the collection, and look out for more in the weeks ahead.