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Holophane Pendants

Holophane Lighting Pendants & Ceiling Fixtures

Holophane was originally a lighting company from 1898 and used glass to diffuse the light evenly, the term holophane is now associated with the ribbed glass light diffusers as seen on many light fittings reminiscent of the 1920's and 1930's. These Prismatic glass shades give a beautifully spread and diffused light giving the room a more subtle light rather than a harsh downlight.

Here is a selection of classic prismatic glass ceiling lights that will re-create this bygone age most can be supplied with antique brass or silver finishes, whilst chrome will give you an art deco design.

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Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light£95.00

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light£95.00

Mono 30 cm Ceiling Light

Mono 30 cm Ceiling Light£100.00

Nova Prismatic Pendant Light

Nova Prismatic Pendant Light£106.00

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light£106.00

London Pendant 30 cm

London Pendant 30 cm£121.00

London Prismatic Railway Pendant 40 cm

London Prismatic Railway Pendant 40 cm£143.00

Maris Bathroom Pendant Light IP65

Maris Bathroom Pendant Light IP65£227.00

Essence Double Prismatic Pendant

Essence Double Prismatic Pendant£243.00

Bousta Holophane Pendant Light

Bousta Holophane Pendant Light£248.00

Gadar Glass Industrial Pendant Light

Gadar Glass Industrial Pendant Light£63.00

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light£84.00

Corvera Pendant Light

Corvera Pendant Light£95.00  -  £105.00

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Page 1 of 2:    24 Items