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Mullan Factory shuts for a week during August and other suppliers are also on reduced capacity,

all orders will be processed but deliveries will not be made until after the 27th of August.

If you are likely to be away during August - please let us so we can hold the delivery - Thank You.

Ceiling Lights Flush/Semi-Flush

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Abuja Flush Ceiling Light

Abuja Flush Ceiling Light£58.00

Adur Marine Ceiling Light

Adur Marine Ceiling Light£327.00

Apoch Flush Cage Light

Apoch Flush Cage Light£58.00

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light£84.00

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light£74.00

Juba Flush Cage Ceiling Light

Juba Flush Cage Ceiling Light£58.00

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light IP65

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light IP65£148.00

Lima Flush Cage Light

Lima Flush Cage Light£58.00

Mono 30 cm Ceiling Light

Mono 30 cm Ceiling Light£100.00

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light£95.00

Oregon B Well Glass Ceiling Light IP65

Oregon B Well Glass Ceiling Light IP65£148.00

Raze Flush Cage Light

Raze Flush Cage Light£58.00

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light£84.00

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light£169.00

Suva Flush Ceiling Light

Suva Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

Flush and semi flush ceiling lights can be used where height is restrictive, narrow hallways are a good example, where a pendant would fill the space a flush ceiling light illuminates but stays out of the way