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COVID-19 UPDATES: We are doing our best to get Lights out ASAP.

Please check here for latest updates 01.06.20 on supplies.

J D Burford's factory has limited staffing and consequently longer delays of 3 weeks approx.

Mullan have restarted production, but with limited staffing for safety, so there are some delays, but we are making progress.

We have a few lights in stock for Delivery in a few days. Check Here

Ceiling Lights

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Bangui Semi-Flush Batten Ceiling Light

Bangui Semi-Flush Batten Ceiling Light£21.00

Baltimore Ceramic Ceiling Light

Baltimore Ceramic Ceiling Light£32.00

Batten Ceiling Light

Batten Ceiling Light£32.00

Bexter Vintage Flush Ceiling Light

Bexter Vintage Flush Ceiling Light£37.00

Abuja Flush Ceiling Light

Abuja Flush Ceiling Light£58.00

Apoch Flush Cage Light

Apoch Flush Cage Light£58.00

Juba Flush Cage Ceiling Light

Juba Flush Cage Ceiling Light£58.00

Lima Flush Cage Light

Lima Flush Cage Light£58.00

Raze Flush Cage Light

Raze Flush Cage Light£58.00

Vox Flush Ceiling Light

Vox Flush Ceiling Light£58.00

Yaounde Flush Globe Ceiling Light

Yaounde Flush Globe Ceiling Light£58.00

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

Reznor Flush Ceiling Light

Reznor Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

Suva Flush Ceiling Light

Suva Flush Ceiling Light£69.00

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light£74.00

Riad Globe Ceiling Light 20 cm

Riad Globe Ceiling Light 20 cm£79.00

Yerevan Globe Ceiling Light 20 cm

Yerevan Globe Ceiling Light 20 cm£79.00

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light£84.00

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light£84.00

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Page 1 of 2:    39 Items

Flush and semi flush ceiling lights can be used where height is restrictive, narrow hallways are a good example, where a pendant would fill the space a flush ceiling light illuminates but stays out of the way