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Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light£97.00   £91.67

Abuja Flush Ceiling Light

Abuja Flush Ceiling Light£70.00   £66.15

Adur Marine Ceiling Light

Adur Marine Ceiling Light£332.00   £313.74

Apoch Flush Cage Light

Apoch Flush Cage Light£69.00   £65.21

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light

Calix Holophane Flush Ceiling Light£86.00   £81.27

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light

Erbil Prismatic Flush Ceiling Light£70.00   £66.15

Hanoi Vintage Flush Holophane Ceiling Light

Hanoi Vintage Flush Holophane Ceiling Light£86.00   £81.27

Irbid Modernist 8 Light Chandelier

Irbid Modernist 8 Light Chandelier£851.00   £804.20

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light£75.00   £70.88

Juba Fluash Cage Light

Juba Fluash Cage Light£70.00   £66.15

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light£150.00   £141.75

Lima Flush Cage Light

Lima Flush Cage Light£69.00   £65.21

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm£99.23  -  £118.13

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light£97.00   £91.67

Oregon Cage Flush Well Glass Light

Oregon Cage Flush Well Glass Light£150.00   £141.75

Oregon Well Glass Light

Oregon Well Glass Light£150.00   £141.75

Raze Flush Cage Light

Raze Flush Cage Light£69.00   £65.21

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light£86.00   £81.27

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light£171.00   £161.60

Suva Flush Ceiling Light

Suva Flush Ceiling Light£70.00   £66.15

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

Flush and semi flush ceiling lights can be used where height is restrictive, narrow hallways are a good example, where a pendant would fill the space a flush ceiling light illuminates but stays out of the way