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Chandeliers and Multi Pendants from Mullan Ireland

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Mombasa Industrial Chandelier

Mombasa Industrial Chandelier£232.00   £213.44

Praia Flush Chandelier

Praia Flush Chandelier£253.00   £232.76

Reznor Industrial Chandelier

Reznor Industrial Chandelier£253.00   £232.76

Kigoma Flush Chandelier

Kigoma Flush Chandelier£306.00   £281.52

San Jose Flush Chandelier

San Jose Flush Chandelier£312.00   £287.04

Toronto Chandelier

Toronto Chandelier£359.00   £330.28

Yaounde Traditional Chandelier

Yaounde Traditional Chandelier£364.00   £334.88

Tabora Chandelier

Tabora Chandelier£422.00   £388.24

Glenties Sputnik Chandelier

Glenties Sputnik Chandelier£475.00   £437.00

Jasper Five-Arm Contemporary Chandelier

Jasper Five-Arm Contemporary Chandelier£507.00   £466.44

Medan Five-Arm chandelier

Medan Five-Arm chandelier£507.00

Poa Chandelier

Poa Chandelier£507.00

Texas 3 Bar Light Pendant

Texas 3 Bar Light Pendant£549.00

Neiva Quirky Chandelier

Neiva Quirky Chandelier£560.00

Ardee Chandelier

Ardee Chandelier£591.00

Padang Chandelier

Padang Chandelier£612.00

Filiatra Modern Chandelier

Filiatra Modern Chandelier£628.00

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Page 1 of 4:    77 Items