Great Lighting UK Ltd

Lighting made to order here in the UK

We think it is important to support British Manufacturers and these lights are all hand made here in the UK, with a powder coated finish (commonly called enamel, although this process produces a better finish).

As these are a hand made product this does take time, we estimate 10 - 15 working days but may take a little longer depending how busy the factory is at anytime. We and the factory work to get lights out as soon as possible, it is not in our interest to take longer than necessary to produce a quality product, rather than a lightweight cheaper import.

Why does it take this time?

The products are hand made, not mass produced, the body and associated parts are all hand turned from aluminium, with any necessary drilling and forming done at this stage. They are then assembled, cleaned and then go to the paint process. The simply explanation (but it is a bit more involved!) is the light is sprayed with a special powder paint then baked in an oven which 'melts' the powder giving an even finish, the process can take several hours. Given the size and expense of these ovens and spray booths, only one colour can be used at a time, which then takes time to clean before a change of colour, so it is not unreasonably for the factory to organise the same colour batches together. This can delay the process by a few days depending on what batches are going through the factory at any time.

As we order lights in batches, roughly once a week, even the raw or plain silver lights are part of this process, while they do not get painted, they do have the same cleaning process, then need to wait until our batch goes to the fitting shop as below.

Once painted, the lights are then go to the electric fitting shop, where again they are wired by hand, assembled and the go for final testing, so each light has an initialled proof they have been electrically tested before leaving the factory. They are then wrapped, packed and sent out to us.

Colours -  All these lights can be supplied in Cream, (the traditional favourite), Pure White, Red, Black, and Mocha. (a pale coffee). Alternatively you can have them unpainted, so a raw aluminium finish, we call it Silver. We try and show pictures of all lights in colour, but this is not always possible, so we are currently amending listings to show what lights are in colour, plus a choice in the other colours. Cables are always black, due to test requirements and the ceiling rose on the fisherman's pendant range will be in the same colour.

The Pendant Range, has the same colours, with braided cable and raw aluminium ceiling rose and top light housing.

Cable lengths are approx 1m, but we can supply them longer if needed at the time of the order.