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Vintage Glass Wall Lights

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Arklow Wall Light

Arklow Wall Light£95.00

Ashford Wall Light

Ashford Wall Light£95.00

Lae Wall Light

Lae Wall Light£95.00

Medan Wall Light

Medan Wall Light£95.00

Ebb Coolie Glass Wall Light

Ebb Coolie Glass Wall Light£132.00

Medan Two-Arm Wall Light

Medan Two-Arm Wall Light£148.00

Brisbane Wall Light

Brisbane Wall Light£158.00

Allen Wall Light

Allen Wall Light£169.00

Schoolhouse Wall Light

Schoolhouse Wall Light£201.00

Darwin Wall Light

Darwin Wall Light£253.00

Brisbane Two-Arm Wall Light

Brisbane Two-Arm Wall Light£296.00

Tawau Wall Light

Tawau Wall Light£338.00

Darwin Two-Arm Wall Light

Darwin Two-Arm Wall Light£507.00


Page 1 of 1:    18 Items