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J D Burford Ltd

A Family Business from Wales

J D Burford's are a premier metal spinning factory based in the Welsh Valleys, producing among many other things, high quality crafted lights. This family business has been delivering quality products for over 40 years and they have supplied many of our customers for the past ten years with indoor and outdoor lighting with many coming back for more. Always a sign of a good company.

The current lighting range we are pleased to offer include traditional Fisherman's Pendant Lights for indoor use, they are offered in 3 sizes, with a good colour range and usefully can be supplied with longer pendant light cable, which is good for barn conversions or where the ceiling height would make the usual drop look unimpressive. 

The outdoor range is all rated IP44, which is suitable for outside use and these wall lights come in a number of styles, sizes and of course colours.

Finally, we offer a retro range of metal spun light shades that make great kitchen lights, and suit both traditional and contemporary styles. A good colour range and a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit the smallest space to more industrial size spaces. In fact we have supplied a number of restaurants, cafe's and retails premises, including Waitrose, Rick Stein's, GBK and more.

So we are proud to offer the J D Burford range of Lighting made here in the UK.  Below is a sample or see the full range here

Dark Grey External Fisherman's Wall Light

Dark Grey External Fisherman's Wall Light£70.00  -  £85.00

Slate Grey Fisherman's Pendant Light | 3 Sizes

Slate Grey Fisherman's Pendant Light | 3 Sizes£63.00  -  £127.00



Our Admin Office is unable to take calls during normal office hours in August due to the school holidays, but we are around dealing with orders and we will answer emails.

If you are likely to be away during August - please let us so we can hold the delivery - Thank You.