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Mullan Brass Light Finishes

Each light is shown with its finish options, however we can often have lights finished in a powder coat finished in one of the colours or the Chrome finish, however there maybe a charge for this and delivery will be extended by several weeks.

All brass fittings are lacquered with exception of the 'Natural Brass'.  We can request they are unlacquered if you prefer.

Mullan's products are hand finished therefore each item is unique. The colours shown below are intended as an indication only and some variation is to be expected - see Below.

Many of the brass lights can also be finished in a powder coated colour finish, see below.


Antique Silver Antique Brass Polished Brass Polished Chrome
Polished Copper Satin Brass Satin Chrome  

Powder Coated Paint Finishes

White       Yellow    Sage Green Red
Orange   Grey   Racing Green    Powder Bronze
Gloss Black    Matt Black Powder Chrome Powdered Gold

Product Terms - Colour Patination

Antique Brass & Silver

Differential patination and natural occurring variation in the components can cause slight differential colour and shades in individual components. Therefore the company can not guarantee that each piece will be an exact colour match. Generally this is considered to be an enhancement of the product. All products with Antique finish will change in tone naturally with time to suit their environment.

Please note that the appearance of our antique brass colour can vary based on the light conditions under which the product is viewed. For example, if an antique brass product is viewed outdoors it may appear to have a green tinge. However, if the same product is viewed indoors under a warm white light it may appear to have more of a red hue (as depicted in the product photography on our website). This is due to the properties within the patina which reflect warm light and white light differently. This results in varying appearances in different environments.

We have photographed all of our items under warm white light as this will be their most likely installed environment.

Please see below examples of acceptable variation in colour for antique brass (top row) / silver (2nd row) products.

Acceptable variations in antique finishes

Please see below examples of not acceptable variation in colour for Antique products, first row Antique Brass, second row Antique Silver

Unacceptable variations in antique finishes

Glass quality

With regard to all glass shades there is a quality requirement met by Mullan Lighting's supplier before goods are released to them.

As these shades are all handmade there may be some visible marks where the glass has been held in the mould. We very rarely have returns for any of our glass shades as most of the small defects or "chips" (no deeper than 1.5mm) that occasionally occur are around the neck of the glass that is concealed by our lamp holder and unseen when the fitting is in place.

Mullan Lighting's glass supplier describes any smudges or trails which occur during the handmade manufacturing process as "acceptable when unnoticeable from a distance up to 1 meter". The thickness of the walls may also vary between 2-4mm as, again, the products are handmade.