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Exterior Corner Lighting

Corner Brackets for Outdoor Lighting

Lighting of walkways and around buildings can often benefit from being corner mounted, often a corner is the most suitable and efficient place to mount an outside light. 

We offer 2 types of bracket depending on the light manufacturer.

All J D Burford outdoor lights can use this type of bracket. The corner mount can be in traditional cream or black (shown above), while the coloured lights (greys, seaspray etc) can be supplied in the matching colour.  An option to add this is on every relevant J D Burford product some examples below.

Mullan Lighting

Mullan's bracket is different in that it is multi drilled so will take a wide variety of light backplates. It is only available in Black. This we need to order in, so delivery is normally around 2 weeks.

   This bracket costs £73, pre-drilled finished in Black.

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