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Mullan Factory shuts for a week during August and other suppliers are also on reduced capacity,

all orders will be processed but deliveries will not be made until after the 27th of August.

If you are likely to be away during August - please let us so we can hold the delivery - Thank You.

Glass Globe Lights

Mullan Glass Globe Pendant Lights

Lights with glass shades can be used to great effect particularly when showing a vintage style bulb, in clear or opaque glass to give a soft diffused light.

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Yaounde Globe Pendant Light 140mm

Yaounde Globe Pendant Light 140mm£76.00

Riad 200mm Clear Globe Pendant

Riad 200mm Clear Globe Pendant£97.00

Yerevan Pendant Globe Light 200mm

Yerevan Pendant Globe Light 200mm£104.00

Eden 250mm Clear Sphere Pendant

Eden 250mm Clear Sphere Pendant£107.00

Riad 250mm Clear Globe Pendant

Riad 250mm Clear Globe Pendant£107.00

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 250mm

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 250mm£107.00

Gentry 300mm Opal Globe Pendant

Gentry 300mm Opal Globe Pendant£133.00

Riad 300mm Clear Globe Pendant

Riad 300mm Clear Globe Pendant£133.00

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 300mm

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 300mm£133.00

Eden 350mm Clear Sphere Pendant

Eden 350mm Clear Sphere Pendant£187.00

Riad 350mm Clear Globe Pendant

Riad 350mm Clear Globe Pendant£187.00

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 350mm

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 350mm£187.00

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant£208.00

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 400mm

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 400mm£282.00

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44£296.00

Florence Brass and Glass Globe Pendant

Florence Brass and Glass Globe Pendant£324.00

Luanda Globe Bar Pendant Light

Luanda Globe Bar Pendant Light£335.00

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items