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Mullan Lighting Design & Manufacturing

In 2008 Mullan Lighting was established in the old shoe factory in the village of Mullan in County Monaghan Ireland and it quickly brought life back not only to the factory building, but life to the village in general, with some of the Mullan team moving into the newly restored houses.  

The design led team have continued the restorative and regenerative theme in the lighting they design, often using industrial ideas and influences to create very individual lighting pieces to add a striking touch to any home or office.

Many of the lights are manufactured in brass, with a variety of finishes in antique brass or silver, polished or chromed, all of which are made to the highest standards. The ranges included wall lights for indoors or outside, pendant lights for all styles and fabulous chandeliers that would make a statement in any home or office. Below is a sample of their lights or see the full range here

Geneva Ceiling Light

Geneva Ceiling Light£116.00   £111.36

London Prismatic Railway Pendant 40 cm

London Prismatic Railway Pendant 40 cm£143.00   £137.28

Cladach Brass Well Glass Outdoor Wall Light IP65

Cladach Brass Well Glass Outdoor Wall Light IP65£174.00   £167.04

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light£174.00   £167.04

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant£206.00   £197.76

1920's Schoolhouse Pendant Light

1920's Schoolhouse Pendant Light£211.00   £202.56

Midas Designer Gold Leaf Pendant

Midas Designer Gold Leaf Pendant£385.00   £369.60

Praia Cage 5 Light Pendant Cluster

Praia Cage 5 Light Pendant Cluster£401.00   £384.96

Jam Jar Cluster Pendant

Jam Jar Cluster Pendant£396.00   £380.16

Quirky 3 Gramophone Pendant Light Fitting

Quirky 3 Gramophone Pendant Light Fitting£1,373.00   £1,304.35

Alegre 5 Light Floating Chandelier

Alegre 5 Light Floating Chandelier£2,270.00   £2,156.50


Our Latest Offers
Helena Glass Ball Pendant

Helena Glass Ball Pendant£232.32   £223.03

Helena Glass Ball Wall Light

Helena Glass Ball Wall Light£232.32   £223.03

Madison Globe Wall Light

Madison Globe Wall Light£227.04   £217.96

Preston Brass Wall Light

Preston Brass Wall Light£174.24   £167.27

Royce Brass Pendant

Royce Brass Pendant£179.52   £172.34

A Few Best Sellers
Texas 3 Bar Light Pendant

Texas 3 Bar Light Pendant£549.00   £521.55

Ruben Small Oval Bulkhead Light IP64

Ruben Small Oval Bulkhead Light IP64£116.00   £111.36

Ara Bathroom Wall Light IP65

Ara Bathroom Wall Light IP65£253.00   £242.88

Ennis Brass Bathroom Wall Light IP65

Ennis Brass Bathroom Wall Light IP65£206.00   £197.76

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44£296.00   £284.16

Jasper Five-Arm Contemporary Chandelier

Jasper Five-Arm Contemporary Chandelier£507.00   £486.72

Craig Isolator Pendant

Craig Isolator Pendant£158.00   £151.68

Mayim Bathroom Wall Light IP65

Mayim Bathroom Wall Light IP65£169.00   £162.24