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PIR Lighting for Outdoor Lighting for Security

What PIR to use for Outdoor Lighting for Security

PIR is short for Passive Infrared Motion Detector. PIR lighting is a great way to add security and convenience to your outdoor lighting. With stand-alone PIR units, you can easily install walkway lights, porch lights, and other outside house lights with the added security of motion detection. You can even run multiple lights from one PIR unit, making it easy to customize your outdoor lighting without breaking the bank. In this article, we'll discuss how you can use stand-alone PIRs for outside lights rather than buying a light with a pir fitted and how to run multiple lights from one pir unit.

In terms of lighting, you may want a light that turns on as you arrive home, or perhaps as you walk down the side of the house. This in itself can have a security advantage, intruders are not keen on being lit up. If its security that drives the want for a PIR, then of course you can have something to illuminate the garden, but test how you set it, you do not want to be woken up in the dead of night by a fox or a neighbours cat setting off the light!

Be considerate when setting it off at the front of the house as well, having the light come on every time someone walks past the house isn't a good idea either.

Whatever your reason(s) they can be a useful tool for improving safety and security around the home.

Do I need to Buy a Light with a PIR included?

If you are changing or adding a new light to the outside of your home, you can opt for a light with a sensor already integrated, this may seem like a cheap and simple option. However, the cheaper the light the cheaper the materials and quality suffers, PIR's are electronics and will at some point fail. If you have an integrated sensor the chances are its basic and non replaceable, so you'll need to replace the unit with a new light. Now that could be 3 or 4 years down the line and that may not bother you, however a good outdoor light will last 10-15 years or more.

So what's the alternative, well you can fit a stand alone PIR unit that can be fitted along with any (of our) outside lights, it does not even need to be fitted at the same point the light is mounted and what's more can power more than 1 light simultaneously.

So the sensor can monitor the approach to a drive and then turn on lights to the front and side walk if required.

For this reason we supply stand alone PIR's so they can be used in a more flexible way, with a choice of black or white units, they can be fitted in any situation.

With a coverage ranging from 120 angle and 10 m reach, to 200 angle and 12 m reach they offer flexibility and quality in a small package, (ours have a 3 year warranty) and should they ever need replacing, you do not need to replace the light you so lovingly choose.

Here are some examples of Outside Lights you can add PIR's too