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Make a Driftwood Lamp


This is a project that will keep you busy and give you something rather wonderful at the end.

As I am a bit of a beach girl and love long family walks on the beach, I always have a bag in my pocket ready to pick up any pieces of driftwood that I come across.

So when our new Vintage Copper Plug in Light Leads arrived I knew exactly what I wanted to use one of them for. I needed a new light for our kitchen, I wanted a relaxed homely light, I had a few ideas but was still looking. What I did have was a large bag of driftwood.  

Our Vintage Copper Plug in Light Lead was perfect for what I had in mind, a copper bulb holder, gorgeous against the wood, long lead with an inline switch, perfect.

I used the driftwood to build the base, no pattern, just trial and error fitting them together, once I had the wood in the arrangement that I wanted I fitted the light lead through and ensured that the bulb holder had a place to 'sit', I then glued the wood into place, I ensured that the cable had a place to come out at the back of the base. 

Driftwood Lamp and Copper Lead with Vintage squirrel cage bulb.

I added a large , Vintage Style Light Bulb which adds impact and the wow factor. All that was left to do was to find the perfect spot to sit the light and switch it on. The bulb I used is a Globe 29 Anchor Vintage Light Bulb 40 watt.

Design tip

You don't have to use driftwood, you could use copper piping, small logs, rocks and pebbles . . the only limitation is your imagination.

You could of course simply tie a loose knot in your plug lead and hang it on the wall from a decorative hook.