Add Colour to Your Walls

Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Graham

Coloured Wall lightingIndustrial look and Urban style buildings can look a little bland, with brick or concrete walls the space can be a little too utilitarian for some, so why not think about adding some colour into the mix? The design does not have to be compromised as you can add industrial or factory style lighting to the walls, but instead of black why not go for a colour?

It adds a sense of fun into the mix, perhaps to match some artwork, furniture or other feature within the space. Maybe you want an industrial look in a contemporary space, these light fittings will add that sense of uniqueness to the design, some have matching pendants, others can be mixed and matched, the choice is yours, but do have fun with it...

Here are some examples;

Ardle Modern Factory Pendant Light

Ardle Modern Factory Pendant Light£116.00   £106.72

Hex Pendant Light

Hex Pendant Light£127.00   £116.84

Hex Factory Industrial Wall Light

Hex Factory Industrial Wall Light£143.00   £131.56

Wyse Industrial Style Pendant Light

Wyse Industrial Style Pendant Light£253.00   £232.76

Brussels Pendant Light

Brussels Pendant Light£549.00

Apia Swan Neck Swivel Poster Light

Apia Swan Neck Swivel Poster Light£201.00   £184.92

Nico Adjustable Picture Light

Nico Adjustable Picture Light£174.00   £160.08

Rebell Coolie Adjustable Picture Light

Rebell Coolie Adjustable Picture Light£201.00   £184.92