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Mullan Factory shuts for a week during August and other suppliers are also on reduced capacity,

all orders will be processed but deliveries will not be made until after the 27th of August.

If you are likely to be away during August - please let us so we can hold the delivery - Thank You.

Small Pendant Lights

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Rebell Coolie Pendant Light

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light£106.00

Amias Pendant Light

Amias Pendant Light£190.00

Beverly Pendant

Beverly Pendant£232.00

Bo Bathroom Pendant Light IP65

Bo Bathroom Pendant Light IP65£169.00

Bogota Quirky Pendant Light

Bogota Quirky Pendant Light£100.00

Cairo Contemporary Pendant Light

Cairo Contemporary Pendant Light£206.00

Corvera Pendant Light

Corvera Pendant Light£95.00  -  £105.00

Devon Pendant Light

Devon Pendant Light£69.00

Dodoma Pendant

Dodoma Pendant£127.00

Fossa Pendant

Fossa Pendant£137.00

Gadar Glass Industrial Pendant Light

Gadar Glass Industrial Pendant Light£63.00

Kairi Bathroom Pendant Light IP65

Kairi Bathroom Pendant Light IP65£243.00

Kigoma Pendant

Kigoma Pendant£116.00

Kyla Bathroom Pendant Light IP65

Kyla Bathroom Pendant Light IP65£201.00

La Paz Pendant Light

La Paz Pendant Light£143.00

Lainio Contemporary Mini Pendant Light

Lainio Contemporary Mini Pendant Light£74.00

Lyx Clear Glass Pendant Light

Lyx Clear Glass Pendant Light£95.00

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Page 1 of 2:    39 Items

Mini pendant lights, ideal for the kitchen and over work surfaces, best in groups of 3 or five, vary the height for more interest. Free UK delivery available