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Minimalist Wall Lights

Small & Minimalist Indoor Wall Lights

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Baltimore Ceramic Wall Light

Baltimore Ceramic Wall Light£33.00   £28.05

Vintage Minimalist Wall Light in Gloss Black

Vintage Minimalist Wall Light in Gloss Black£79.00   £50.15

Caltra Wall Light

Caltra Wall Light£69.00   £58.65

Lainio Wall Light

Lainio Wall Light£69.00   £58.65

Cabra Wall Light

Cabra Wall Light£74.00   £62.90

Bundoran Wall Light

Bundoran Wall Light£79.00   £67.15

Cody Adjustable Industrial Wall Light

Cody Adjustable Industrial Wall Light£79.00   £67.15

Lome Industrial Wall Light

Lome Industrial Wall Light£79.00   £67.15

Lome Vintage Minimalist Wall Light

Lome Vintage Minimalist Wall Light£79.00   £67.15

Sydney Loft Wall Light

Sydney Loft Wall Light£79.00   £67.15

Kent Traditional Adjustable Spotlight

Kent Traditional Adjustable Spotlight£84.00   £71.40

Madaba Brass Wall Light with White Shade

Madaba Brass Wall Light with White Shade£95.00   £80.75

Prei Industrial Wall Light

Prei Industrial Wall Light£95.00   £80.75

Rehau Industrial Wall Light

Rehau Industrial Wall Light£95.00   £80.75

Sucre Industrial Spot Light

Sucre Industrial Spot Light£95.00   £80.75

Dabb Minimalist Vintage Wall Light

Dabb Minimalist Vintage Wall Light£106.00   £90.10

Doon Wall Light

Doon Wall Light£106.00   £90.10

Kigoma Modern Wall Light

Kigoma Modern Wall Light£116.00   £98.60

Jasper Wall Light

Jasper Wall Light£121.00   £102.85

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Page 1 of 2:    29 Items