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tp24 LED Lighting

tp24 LED Lighting has been striving to improve and re-invent low energy lighting market specifically for the domestic sector their mission is to provide affordable, effective and attractive low energy lighting to real people, with real homes, who want to save money and save the environment. 

With constant improvements in the low energy lighting market and the drive to reduce carbon emissions now is the time to use LED technology in many areas of the home, particularly where lights are required for longer periods, for instances hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

With an extensive range of over 500 LED light fittings and replacement lamps, we are able to offer a wide choice of products for every room. 

Here is a selection of what is available and the full range can be seen here




Our Admin Office is unable to take calls during normal office hours in August due to the school holidays, but we are around dealing with orders and we will answer emails.

If you are likely to be away during August - please let us so we can hold the delivery - Thank You.