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Industrial Style Pendants

Pendant Lighting for Industrial Themes

Ideal for modern kitchens, loft living and warehouse conversions, industrial look pendants can give your room great style. This is a selection of ceiling lights that can fit very well with industrial designs, the use of aluminium with a 'raw' and unfinished look, concrete shades or simply large pendants to fill the space can all give the extra appeal needed for larger spaces.

Check If you need longer cable because the drop is greater, most of these lights either have this option, if not please ask as we can normally accommodate this. 

If you were looking for Caged Lights or Holophane Pendants then we have sections for that.

Osson Factory Pendant

Osson Factory Pendant£114.70

Hex Factory Pendant Light

Hex Factory Pendant Light£120.25

Reznor Triple Pendant

Reznor Triple Pendant£278.00

Darya Dish Pendant Light

Darya Dish Pendant Light£267.33

Antique Gramophone Pendant

Antique Gramophone Pendant£296.93

Brussels Cage Pendant Light

Brussels Cage Pendant Light£515.23

Laragh Bottle Chandelier

Laragh Bottle Chandelier£1,585.45

Rad Pendant Ceiling Light

Rad Pendant Ceiling Light£262.70



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