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Industrial & Factory Lighting Ideas

New Stunning Lighting for the Urban Look

Lights with a look of the old factory or industrial warehouses gives your space that urban feel, whether you're in a converted loft space, old warehouse or just want to recreate that look in your home or office. Hopefully these lights will give you some ideas and the range is currently discounted with bigger discounts if you are spending more...

Many of these lights are finished in a wide range of powder coated paint finishes and even if not shown often we can have them done in one of the other colours for a small charge.

Hex Pendant Light

Hex Pendant Light£127.00   £121.92

La Paz Pendant Light

La Paz Pendant Light£143.00   £137.28

Hex Factory Industrial Wall Light

Hex Factory Industrial Wall Light£143.00   £137.28

Abele Modern Factory Pendant

Abele Modern Factory Pendant£143.00   £137.28

Berlin Copper Pendant Light

Berlin Copper Pendant Light£148.00   £142.08

Telal Pendant Light

Telal Pendant Light£201.00   £192.96

Wyse Industrial Style Pendant Light

Wyse Industrial Style Pendant Light£253.00   £242.88

Rezador Large Industrial Pendant

Rezador Large Industrial Pendant£253.00   £242.88

Copenhagen Scandinavian Pendant

Copenhagen Scandinavian Pendant£507.00   £481.65

Brussels Pendant Light

Brussels Pendant Light£549.00   £521.55

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light£174.00   £167.04

Manick Adjustable Industrial Wall Light

Manick Adjustable Industrial Wall Light£222.00   £213.12

Gramophone Quirky Adjustable Wall Light

Gramophone Quirky Adjustable Wall Light£338.00   £324.48

Bridgetown Contemporary 6 Arm Chandelier

Bridgetown Contemporary 6 Arm Chandelier£781.00   £741.95

Quirky 3 Gramophone Pendant Light Fitting

Quirky 3 Gramophone Pendant Light Fitting£1,373.00   £1,304.35

San Jose Modern Chandelier

San Jose Modern Chandelier£1,457.00   £1,384.15

Cullen B Five-Arm Industrial Dish Chandelier

Cullen B Five-Arm Industrial Dish Chandelier£929.00   £882.55


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Our Latest Offers
Helena Glass Ball Pendant

Helena Glass Ball Pendant£232.32   £223.03

Helena Glass Ball Wall Light

Helena Glass Ball Wall Light£232.32   £223.03

Madison Globe Wall Light

Madison Globe Wall Light£227.04   £217.96

Preston Brass Wall Light

Preston Brass Wall Light£174.24   £167.27

Royce Brass Pendant

Royce Brass Pendant£179.52   £172.34

A Few Best Sellers
Laguna Bathroom Pendant Light 20 cm IP44

Laguna Bathroom Pendant Light 20 cm IP44£137.00   £131.52

Jam Jar Cluster Pendant

Jam Jar Cluster Pendant£396.00   £380.16

Galit Dish Bathroom Wall Light | IP65

Galit Dish Bathroom Wall Light | IP65£243.00   £233.28

Kai Swan Neck Bathroom Wall Light IP65

Kai Swan Neck Bathroom Wall Light IP65£227.00   £217.92

Ruben Small Oval Bulkhead Light IP64

Ruben Small Oval Bulkhead Light IP64£116.00   £111.36

Ara Bathroom Wall Light IP65

Ara Bathroom Wall Light IP65£253.00   £242.88

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44

Mica Bathroom Pendant Light IP44£296.00   £284.16