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Lighting Ideas for the Hallway

Hallways and Reception areas need to be bright and inviting, if you have a large squarish hall or one with an open staircase then a grand or larger light will look the part, you may be able to accommodate a hanging pendant light on a half landing that will fit in with the hall light, this could be a single large pendant on a longer suspension so as to show off the light fixture as you rise up the stairway.

Of course not all hallways are that grand, but you can still do a lot with the narrow passageways provided in many of our homes, by using flush ceiling lights or smaller pendants that will create a welcoming feel.

Don't forget you can also use wall lights if you have limited head room. Here are a few of our choices:

Flush or Semi Flush Light Fixtures

Apoch Flush Cage Light

Apoch Flush Cage Light£63.83

Raze Flush Cage Light

Raze Flush Cage Light£63.83

Suva Flush Ceiling Light

Suva Flush Ceiling Light£64.75

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm£97.13  -  £115.63

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light£158.18

Hallway Wall Lights

Jam Jar Wall Light

Jam Jar Wall Light£110.08

Ebb Coolie Glass Wall Light

Ebb Coolie Glass Wall Light£123.03

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light

Rigo Double Cage Wall Light£162.80

Smaller Pendant Lighting

Hex Factory Pendant Light

Hex Factory Pendant Light£120.25

Anath Glass Pendant Light

Anath Glass Pendant Light£316.35


Larger Pendant Chandeliers

Cairo 8 Arm Pendant Chandelier

Cairo 8 Arm Pendant Chandelier£1,922.15



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