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Glass Kitchen Lights

Holophane, Glass or Dome Kitchen Lighting

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Milk Bottle Pendant Light

Milk Bottle Pendant Light£81.00

Jam Jar Pendant Light

Jam Jar Pendant Light£83.00

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light£97.00

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light£101.00

Eden 250mm Clear Sphere Pendant

Eden 250mm Clear Sphere Pendant£107.00

London 30cm Holophane Railway pendant

London 30cm Holophane Railway pendant£124.00

Mono Industrial 380mm Railway Pendant

Mono Industrial 380mm Railway Pendant£128.00

Stanley 200mm Holophane Globe Pendant

Stanley 200mm Holophane Globe Pendant£128.00

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant

Robyn 350mm Globe Cage Pendant£208.00

1920's Schoolhouse Pendant Light

1920's Schoolhouse Pendant Light£214.00

Bousta Holophane Pendant Light

Bousta Holophane Pendant Light£252.00

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 400mm

Yerevan Globe Pendant Light 400mm£282.00

Jam Jar Pendant Light Cluster 5 Jars

Jam Jar Pendant Light Cluster 5 Jars£567.00

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Page 1 of 1:    15 Items