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Dining Area

Lighting Ideas for the Dining Area

Dining rooms are no longer common, but if you have a table in a space where you eat, then it needs to be light, perhaps it needs to fit in with the kitchen design, but that doesn't mean the same. If you are going for colour and this applies to the kitchen as well, unless you can have your lights painted in exactly the right shade (usually a RAL number) then it is better to go for a complimentary  or contrast colour as matching rarely works well. This applies to lights in the Kitchen and Eating areas you can use the same design theme, but that doesn't have to be the same light. 

Here are a few ideas to start:

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light£102.72

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm

Mono Industrial Railway Flush Light 30 or 40 cm£100.80  -  £120.00

Reznor Triple Pendant

Reznor Triple Pendant£278.00

Darya Dish Pendant Light IP65

Darya Dish Pendant Light IP65£243.84

Laragh Bottle Chandelier

Laragh Bottle Chandelier£1,645.44

Cairo 8 Arm Pendant Chandelier

Cairo 8 Arm Pendant Chandelier£1,994.88