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Cottage Lighting

Lighting Ideas for Country Cottages

A selection of smaller lights ideal for country cottages, these are just lighting Ideas for the smaller space or holiday home, whatever the theme you will be able to fit these lights into your design.

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Gadar Mini Holophane Pendant Light

Gadar Mini Holophane Pendant Light£65.00   £61.43

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light£75.00   £70.88

Milk Bottle Pendant Light

Milk Bottle Pendant Light£81.00   £76.55

Hanoi Vintage Flush Holophane Ceiling Light

Hanoi Vintage Flush Holophane Ceiling Light£86.00   £81.27

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light

Rigale Flush Ceiling Light£86.00   £81.27

Silver Fisherman's Outdoor Wall Light

Silver Fisherman's Outdoor Wall Light£89.00  -  £109.00

Lyx Clear Glass Pendant Light

Lyx Clear Glass Pendant Light£96.00   £90.72

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light

Moroni Reverse Dome Ceiling Light£97.00   £91.67

Riad 200mm Clear Globe Pendant

Riad 200mm Clear Globe Pendant£97.00   £91.67

Nova Prismatic Pendant Light

Nova Prismatic Pendant Light£107.00   £101.12

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light

Rebell Coolie Pendant Light£107.00   £101.12

Paris Vintage Brass Pendant Light

Paris Vintage Brass Pendant Light£140.00   £132.30

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light£150.00   £141.75

Oregon Cage Flush Well Glass Light

Oregon Cage Flush Well Glass Light£150.00   £141.75

Amias Pendant Light

Amias Pendant Light£193.00   £182.39

Telal Industrial Factory Pendant

Telal Industrial Factory Pendant£204.00   £192.78

KWAGA Bathroom Ceiling Light

KWAGA Bathroom Ceiling Light£300.00   £283.50

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items