Coastal Cottage Lighting

Thursday, 1 March 2018  |  Graham

Lighting Ideas for Seaside Cottages and Holiday Homes

If you are lucky enough to actually have a seaside cottage you will understand the importance of the colours and feel that make it such a relaxing place to be. So if you want to re-create this in a design theme away from the coast then you need to look at incorporating the colours of the seas, sky and sand into your room design.

Nautical Fisherman's Pendant Light ideal for coastal cottagesAs with all design, start with focal point, maybe a view or an item of furniture, or use a light as the starting point. The colours should reflect the bright tones, traditionally using blues, but chalky white or silver will work too. If you are adding a nautical look to emphasis that seaside feel, then using brass in antique or polished finish will underline the design.

Go back to your focal point, if you are using a piece of furniture or architectural feature remember to light it well, if using the view through a window or doorway, don't forget that while the light will flood in, there are still corners of the room that don't benefit in the same way, so subtle wall lights will remove those hidden corners and make the whole room inviting.

Use White for the walls while adding features of coral and sea greens, washed out colours look best, and the additions of driftwood features  as art objects or the frame of a mirror, instantly give you a seaside look. When using mirrors, larger is better to reflect light around the room. Of course there are lots of objects you can add to the room, ornamental wooden sailing boats, (this one was handmade from driftwood from our favorite beach) or the mass of nautical shells, stones or art found in all local gift shops. 

using driftwood in your seaside cottage design

But you can overdo it, would a larger single piece like an old lifebelt (white not a modern orange one!) an old oar, or lobster pot have a better impact than many 'nic naks' found in the tourist shops? In the end it will come down to what you like, not what any designer says you must do, you have to live with it, and most of all the space needs to relax you.

Here are a few ideas for you cottage lighting, some nautical some not, and if you are using lights outside then brass   with an IP54 rating will be needed. Polished finishes outside do not work well in coastal positions, that means upto 5 miles from the sea! As corrosion and tarnishing will take place. Antique brass will weather in such conditions but this only adds to it's charm.


Coastal Cottage Lighting Ideas

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