6 Things to Consider in Lighting Your Bathroom

Monday, 16 January 2017  |  Graham

Bathroom Lighting is important

Consider these 6 points before you rush out off to order your lights, the fundamentals of lighting design still apply to your bathroom just as any other space.

1. How Do You Use Your Bathroom?

Odd question, but your bathroom probably has several different uses, at times it will be very functional, with the family all rushing to school and work, but at other times it can be a place of sanctuary so the way you light your bathroom needs to take this into account.

You may consider lighting design unimportant but, you need to consider all the uses. Ambient lighting for being in the room, usually a ceiling light, Task lighting, for makeup, shaving etc., and accent or decorative lighting for those times when you want to relax in the bath...

Tip: For more on Lighting Types see our post on 'How to make Light Work in Your Home'

2. Size of your Room

If you are planning for a small bathroom, you may need to use 1 or 2 small light units, whereas with a larger bathroom it would be better to have a number of light sources. Soft even light around the room is better than 1 bright light.

3. Position of Light Fittings

You need to bear in mind lighting regulations and Bathroom Zones and we have a complete post on that here

4. What Style Are You Trying to Achieve?

Is it a period property, if so are you trying to recreate that feel, or are you trying for a beach or nautical design. It is worth spending a little time considering just what you want the end result to be, so that you can ensure the fittings you choose fit that design brief.

5. Wall Lights or ceiling lights?

Bearing in mind our previous post on Bathroom Zones and lighting regulations, you can start to imagine how you will use the space and what types of light you will need to fulfil the different activities.

Downlights can be harsh and create shadows, not good when looking in the mirror first thing! Using a downlight over a shower can work, but not over a washbasin.

You can of course mix and match these ideas, using say a flush centre  ceiling light, with an illuminated wall mirror for tasks and wall lights for decorative effect.

Most modern bathroom lights purchased in your DIY warehouse will be chrome with bright LED bulbs, yes these are very low energy typically a 3.5 watt per LED bulb but the light can be harsh.

Our new range of Mullan Bathroom Fittings, includes pendants in brass with a vintage look and can be fitted with the new LED Edison style or squirrel cage bulb and look good for your decorative light yet still save money.

Using opal glass gives softer more diffused lighting.

6. Add Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen and fitted the lights, don't forget to add artwork or if space allows a chair or seat, these can be decorated in the same style to give a sense of cohesion in the design, and make the bathroom not just a functional room but somewhere you can enjoy as a private space...... 

Selected Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Ren Bathroom or Outdoor Brass Wall Light

Ren Bathroom or Outdoor Brass Wall Light£208.00   £196.56

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light

Jam Jar Flush Ceiling Light£75.00   £70.88

Hali Brass Blade Pendant Light

Hali Brass Blade Pendant Light£315.00   £297.68

Ren Swan Neck Bathroom or Outdoor Wall Light

Ren Swan Neck Bathroom or Outdoor Wall Light£219.00   £206.96

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light

KURA Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light£150.00   £141.75

Darya Dish Pendant Light

Darya Dish Pendant Light£289.00   £273.11

Talise Brass Bathroom Pendant Light

Talise Brass Bathroom Pendant Light£278.00   £262.71

Clayton Double Well Glass Wall or Ceiling Light

Clayton Double Well Glass Wall or Ceiling Light£278.00   £262.71

KWAGA Bathroom Ceiling Light

KWAGA Bathroom Ceiling Light£300.00   £283.50

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light

Nicosa Shallow Holophane Ceiling Light£97.00   £91.67

Laguna Globe Bathroom Pendant Light

Laguna Globe Bathroom Pendant Light£319.00   £301.46

Anath Glass Pendant Light

Anath Glass Pendant Light£342.00   £323.19

Maris Prismatic Bathroom Pendant Light

Maris Prismatic Bathroom Pendant Light£269.00   £254.21

Pelagia Globe Bathroom Pendant Light

Pelagia Globe Bathroom Pendant Light£313.00   £295.79

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light

Schoolhouse Ceiling Light£171.00   £161.60