3 Dont's When Lighting Your Hallway

Tuesday, 31 October 2017  |  Graham

Let's start with what not to do

Here are 3 Don'ts;

Don't leave a dark corners - dark corners are unwelcome, if you have a long narrow hall it would be better to have 2 or 3 smaller ceiling lights or one central pendant and some wall sconces rather than using a single central pendant that may leave the corners unlit. 

Don't be tempted to use down lights in a narrow hallway it will create a tunnel effect, especially LED's as they change the shadow effects.

Don't buy that low hanging chandelier unless you really have the ceiling height in the hall. Consider any taller guests or visitors you may have. Flush or Semi Flush ceiling lights are best.

Tips in Lighting Your Hallway

Semi Flush Hallway Light IdeasThe entrance hallway in your home: it is the first part of your home that visitors will see, it is a place of change where the outside world is invited into your home. 

Before you start decorating and lighting your hallway, you have to decide, do you want your entrance hall to reflect you and your character or do you want it to reflect the design or the period of your home. If we look back to history to around the 18th century, we find that the hallways were considered a semi external space and so the decor and colours were more natural hues, with textures of stone and tiles. They were made to be places of tranquillity, to make weary travellers feel rested on their arrival.

However unless we live in a large period residence we are much more likely to select decor that reflects our personality or indeed the general decor through out the rest of the house.

Whatever the decor we choose the lighting will play a very important part in how your hallway will look.


Use light to illuminate and highlight points of interest, such as a textured wall, a point of architecture, a painting or a sculpture.

By using accent lights over artwork you will not only add interest to your hallway, but the light will bounce off walls and make the hallway appear wider.

Use mirrors to reflect light off the wall making the hallway seem wider. A mirror will benefit from having a wall sconce at either side of it, not only will create an interesting, but useful focal point it will make the space brighter. Depending on where they are placed, a mirror can reflect a room off the hall, making an interesting glimpse into the next space.

Light the hallway and the stairs separately, think of them as two different spaces, for the stairs use fixed recess stair lights to wash light at a low level over the stairs. If the landing can be seen from the hallway, light the landing, to leave it dark will look unwelcome, light it and the eye will be drawn up the stairs, making the space you are standing in feel larger.

A side table with table lamps will also create an interesting focal point.

If your hallway has no natural light, ensure that the artificial light is gentle.

Think about what you use your hall for, to welcome visitors to your home, it maybe that you have a work space / desk in the hall, it maybe the place where you meet to put on coats and boots, do you have children and or pets to think about.

You will need good ambient lighting, this could be gained from an overhead ceiling light that can be dimmed to create a softer light, wall sconces and picture lights will create accent and effect and are much a part of the decor as the colour of your walls or the covering on the floor.

Whatever you chose, good lighting will contribute significantly to the overall feel of your home.

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